Employee Documentationt18兆毅咨询

  o Employment contracts/ terms & conditions of employmentt18兆毅咨询

  o Employee files (including employment application, discipline letters, labor contract, etc.)t18兆毅咨询

  o Proof of age documentation (copies of identification cards, birth certificates, medicalt18兆毅咨询

  clearance, etc.)t18兆毅咨询

  o Restrictions on workers below the age of unrestricted employmentt18兆毅咨询

  Facility Policies and Procedurest18兆毅咨询

  o Internal operating policies and procedures (Company Policy)t18兆毅咨询

  o Business licenses, maintenance and health licensest18兆毅咨询

  o Wage and hour policies (Minimum wage, overtime, maximum daily/ weekly hours)t18兆毅咨询

  o Annual leave and required holidayst18兆毅咨询

  o Nondiscrimination/ Harassmentt18兆毅咨询

  o Other benefits and allowancest18兆毅咨询

  o Any other government licenses, certificates of operation, etc.t18兆毅咨询

  Payroll Documents (for the current 6 months)t18兆毅咨询

  o Payroll recordst18兆毅咨询

  o Time recordst18兆毅咨询

  o Piece rate recordst18兆毅咨询

  o Payroll registerst18兆毅咨询

  o Payroll stubst18兆毅咨询

  o Special labor waivers such as the overtime extension waivert18兆毅咨询

  General Environmental Health & Safetyt18兆毅咨询

  o Plant layout or facility plot plant18兆毅咨询

  o Environmental Health & Safety manual and/or written programst18兆毅咨询

  o Assessment records (machinery, fire extinguisher, eyewash/shower, etc.)t18兆毅咨询

  o Dormitories (government licenses, assessment reports)t18兆毅咨询

  Environmental (only if working with chemicals)t18兆毅咨询

  o Hazardous waste manifests or shipping paperst18兆毅咨询

  o Waste profiles/test results/waste analysest18兆毅咨询

  Health & Safetyt18兆毅咨询

  o Accident or injury reportst18兆毅咨询

  o Chemical inventoryt18兆毅咨询

  o Material safety data sheets (MSDS’s)t18兆毅咨询

  o List of required/approved personal protective equipmentt18兆毅咨询

  o Emergency response plant18兆毅咨询

  o Testing, inspection, and maintet18兆毅咨询


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